This fund provides a balanced porfolio for our clients by combining various strategies on different time frames to ensure proper risk management and the best ROI. The average monthly performance for this fund ranges from 1-3%. The Capital guard for this fund is set at 10% of capital invested. Though the fund has never experienced any absolute draw down as set out in the capital guard risk management method adapted, however in June of 2014, the fund experienced an absolute draw down of -11.51%. From its creation in April 2014, the fund has returned a cummulative ROI of 670% with an average annual return of 73%. The typical starting balance for this fund is $10,000 with no maximum.


This strategy is built on over two decades of studies on the the movement and pattern of gold daily fluctuations. The system is based on daily breakouts of Gold which is due to high daily volatility and volumes. As such the system takes into account a channel between the previous day highs, 4 hourlys highs and hourly highs, once the channel breaks on any of the time frames a pending order is placed, if there is a retrace and a confirmation of the break-out then the trades is executed.

The analysis on the system is done in two ways, the first being on higher time frames and waiting for confirmations, by placing buy or sell stops, and for an intra-day version of the same system, analysis are based on M30, M15 and M5.

Most of the daily channels break after the daily gold fixings during the london session at which time most orders are confirmed.

The efficiency of the system is based on fast execution and price efficiency, as such most of the execution is done via an API or through custom made MAM accounts like on ApolloFx.

Our performance on this strategy is based on several year of experience, tests and back testings. So far this is our most consistent and performant strategy and we recommend it to all clients in the forx market.


Fund Information

Capital Guard $10%
Min Investment $10,000
AUM $8,158,802.96
Management Fee 2%
Performance Fee 30%
Phone +442036776172